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What are elections?

Bristol SU is a democracy. Which is all well and good, but what does that actually mean?

Twice a year the students of Bristol elect around 600 representatives (or reps as we affectionately call them) to stand up for them on issues related to their time at Bristol.

Could your course be better? Not satisfied with the quality of your housing? Do you want better wellbeing support? There's a rep for that. Make sure you use your vote to choose reps you trust!


Why should I care?

The Bristol SU Elections are YOUR opportunity to make the changes you'd like to see at the University of Bristol.

If there are bits of being a student that you think could be better - be that the quality of your housing, improved wellbeing support, more decent places to eat on campus, or anything else make sure you have your say and use your vote!

The Bristol SU Elections have one of the highest turnouts in the country and often come down to less than 20 votes - so your voice really matters.

What roles can I run for?

The next elections will be in April/May 2021 and will elect Network committee members. You can find out about Bristol SU's 18 Networks here.

After that, the next elections will be in October 2021 where students will elect first year course reps, PGT course reps, PGT faculty reps, the Democratic Standards Committee, and NUS delegates.

We'll release more information about the roles, and how you can put yourself forwards closer to the time.