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The Bristol SU Elections are YOUR opportunity to make the changes you'd like to see at the University of Bristol. If there are bits of being a student that you think could be better - be that the quality of your housing, improved wellbeing support, more decent places to eat on campus, or anything else we want you to nominate yourself to be a rep!

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What are elections?

Bristol SU is a democracy. Which is all well and good, but what does that actually mean?

Twice a year the students of Bristol elect around 600 representatives (or reps as we affectionately call them) to stand up for them on issues related to their time at Bristol.

Could your course be better? Not satisfied with the quality of your housing? Do you want better wellbeing support? There's a rep for that.


Why should I care?

What have SU reps ever done for me? It's a fair question, and the answer is more than you might expect!

If you've ever used Lecture Replay, taken part in a sports club or society or put your feet up in the Bristol SU Living Room congratulations! You've directly benefited from the hard work of reps.

In fact, reps have done so much over the years that we've had to put together a website to keep track of the highlights.

What roles can I run for?

In term 2 we'll be electing around 440 reps and you can nominate yourself to be (almost) any of them!

Whether you're looking for something that involves half an hour per week or a full time paid role there are positions of all levels of commitment.

We know it can be confusing, so we've written up descriptions for every position so you can see what's right for you - or if you just want to know what you'll be voting for!

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