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Book An SU Room

Due to the impact of COVID-19 only affiliated groups with regular room bookings assigned by Bristol SU will be able to use SU rooms during term one of 2020-2021. If you have a question about regular room bookings please contact

+ Special Events

Bookings for large-scale student events are currently closed. We will be opening our application form for 2020/21 in late June/early July. Check back here for details.

Please email the Events Team ( if you have any questions.

+ Ad-Hoc Bookings

We have temporarily suspended this service. 

+ Music Rooms

We have temporarily suspended this service.

+ Useful Information

Please read our Room Use Charter and Room Bookings Terms and Conditions. Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the event taking place.

Accessibility information can be found in our Anson Rooms Access Statement and on AccessAble.

+ Film Screenings

Bristol SU has a licence for student group film screenings. Please follow this guidance if your group is planning to show films within the Richmond Building to ensure that we are operating within the parameters of our licence. 

What it covers
- Screenings inside the Richmond Building.
- Films in DVD or Blu-ray format.
- Feature films, not TV shows or music programmes.

Please do
- Advertise your screening to members of your Student Group or students of the University of Bristol.
- Report every film screening on this form within 5 working days of the screening.
- Ensure that your film was released by one of the participating Studios and Distributors (see list below).

Please don't
- Charge for entry (either directly or indirectly).
- Charge above standard rate for merchandise or refreshments to make up for the lack of an entry fee.
- Cut, edit or copy the film.
- Advertise the screening to non-students.
- Advertise the screening externally e.g. on any public facing website/noticeboard.
- Stream films for your screening.
- Show a film listed on the excluded list on the FilmBank website.

Participating Studios and Distributors
Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Entertainment Film, Icon Film, Pathe, StudioCanal, Eros International, 20th Century Fox (inc. DreamWorks), Disney, MGM, Miramax, Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures.

+ University Room Booking

This service is currently suspended.

+ Balloon Bar Takeovers

Balloon Bar takeovers are a chance to attract new members, raise money or just an excuse to have a great social for your group. Takeovers are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting from anytime between 6pm - 10.45pm in the Balloon Bar, with Karaoke takeovers from 9pm on Fridays.

As a measure to manage the risk of the coronavirus spreading among the student community, please note that the Balloon Bar will not be hosting any events in the Balloon Bar during term 1 of this academic year (2020-2021). However, the Bristol SU Events Team is accepting applications for Digital Event Support using our Remo account. 

The SU Events team will support you in setting up your event on our Remo account, training you on the software and preparing your committee to lead your chosen event on the day. The Remo platform could be used for things such as mingles, quizzes, fairs, new members meeting the committee, informal training, peer to peer supports, speedfriending, auditions or just a place for people to meet. Apply to host a digital event for your student group/club using the SU's Remo account.

Apply to host a Balloon Bar takeover in 2021. This form is for bookings in Term 2 and 3 only. If you have any questions, please email the Events Team (

Please note that this does not guarantee you a takeover slot and we will not be responding to any booking requests until we know more on what will happen with event spaces in the Richmond Building and Balloon Bar for term 2.  

+ External Venues

Please see our External Venues Guide for suggested venues to use in the local area. 

+ Accessibility

AccessAble provides access information on a wide range of venues as well as full info for The Richmond Building.

Event Planning

To help organise your events, use our Event Planning guide and Event Budget Template.

+ Safety

For all activities and events, you will need to complete a risk assessment. You should also be aware of what to do if an accident or incident occurs.

+ Support

Running an External Speaker event

We aim to support our affiliated student groups to deliver enriching events. For many groups this includes running talks, workshops and debates. Sometimes these events feature one or more external speakers (someone who is neither a student nor staff member at the University of Bristol, or Bristol SU). For events with external speakers, we share responsibility with you for the event running safely and smoothly. We also need to make sure we stay within the law, and are meeting our obligations as a registered charity.

If you are planning to run an event with one or more external speakers present, please complete this online form as far in advance as possible (and no later than 2 weeks before the event).

Once we receive the form we'll complete our assessment of the event, and get in touch with you to let you know whether any steps are required for your event to run safely and smoothly (this is only applicable for about 5% of events).

Freedom of Speech

Find out more about Free Speech, External Speakers and how the SU makes decisions in these areas.