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Book An SU Room

There are three different mechanisms for booking space in the Richmond Building: regular recurring bookings made in the summer, special event bookings supported by the Events Team and short notice/'ad hoc' bookings. 

This information relates to bookings during term time only. To make a booking during the holidays, please contact the Student Services Team (, 0117 331 8600).

Everything You Need to Know About Room Bookings
Dry Hire Equipment Request Form

You can view and delete bookings using the Room Booking System. Please use our Using the Online Room Booking System guidance to help you. Please be aware that the Anson Rooms are used for exams so will not be available for booking during exam periods.

+ Special Events

Do you want to host your large-scale event in the SU? Pitch us your event using our special events form and the events team will get back to you!

+ Ad-Hoc Bookings

Unbooked spaces in the Richmond Building can be requested no more than 2 weeks in advance by any student or student group, by contacting the Student Services Team on 0117 331 8600, or visiting our reception on the 3rd floor of the Richmond Building. Before speaking to us, please check the system for availability of rooms.

Please note that Ad-Hoc notice bookings will not have any technical support or additional equipment beyond what is already in the room.

+ Music Rooms

Music practice rooms can be booked free of charge by any student. Contact the Student Services Team ( to request the music room login details.

Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance but not for the same day. If the room is free on the day, it can be used by requesting access from the porters. Suggested booking length is 2 hours.

Music Room 1 is a band room and Music Rooms 2 and 3 contain an upright piano. Please remember that the key card must be returned to the porters by the end of the booking slot ready for the next person.

+ Useful Information

Please read our Room Use Charter and Terms and Conditions. Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the event taking place.

Accessibility information can be found in our Anson Rooms Access Statement and on AccessAble.

Please see our PA Instructions and Technical and Equipment Charges for more support.

+ University Room Booking

University rooms can be booked through Learning Facilities Management after Welcome Week. Please note that University room bookings need at least 2 weeks' notice. Bookings for events with an entrance fee or that take place outside of a building's standard opening times will incur a charge.

To book space outside on campus, contact the University's External Events Team ( at least 2 weeks before your event.

+ Balloon Bar Takeovers

Students groups can run a Balloon Bar Takeover event in The Balloon Bar on Tuesday evenings. To do so, contact the Events Team on

+ External Venues

Please see our External Venues Guide for suggested venues to use in the local area.

+ Accessibility

AccessAble provides access information on a wide range of venues as well as full info for The Richmond Building.

Event Planning

To help organise your events, use our Event Planning guide and Event Budget Template.

+ Safety

For all activities and events, you will need to complete a risk assessment. You should also be aware of what to do if an accident or incident occurs.

+ Support

External Speakers

We want clubs, societies and student groups to continue to deliver enriching events and activities for their members, and we know that for many groups this includes running talks, workshops and debates.

Where external speakers are invited to participate, we share responsibility with you for the event running safely and smoothly, therefore student organisers are required to submit their external speaker request to us to allow our team to assess the risks around the event, and establish whether and what mitigations are necessary. We only ask for mitigations for around 1 in every 15 requests, some examples of what we've asked for in the past include: ticketing the event, choosing a more appropriate venue and arranging for a security presence.

Our process helps to ensure your events run successfully, as well as keeping us in line with the law and ensuring we meet our obligations as a registered charity. The University of Bristol Free Speech Code of Practice sets out in more detail what we do once we receive your request.

For events involving an external speaker, an External Speaker Request form must be sent to the Student Services Team ( at least 14 days before the event.

Freedom of Speech

The External Speakers process is underpinned by the University of Bristol Free Speech Code of Practice, which applies to all Bristol SU activities.