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Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

AGM Planning Guide

You must give all your members a chance to attend an AGM to hear about how your group has developed over the year, what the financial status of the group is and to vote for a new committee. If you would like to run an election and would like our support, please email

All Bristol SU groups are democratic organisations. As an elected committee, you represent and are responsible to your members. All members should have this opportunity to ask questions of the committee and all are eligible to stand in elections for committee positions.

Taking Your AGM Online

Due to social distancing measures put in place by the UK Government as of March 2020, all groups will need to plan to hold their 2020 AGMs online. This will probably be the first time your group has had to do this, so we've put together the below guide to help you along the way. Parts of this guide are written for you to amend and send out to your membership to give them some guidance on attending the AGM, and you some guidance on running it.

This will probably be the first time your group has run a large online meeting, so bear in mind there will almost certainly be issues along the way. Try to keep an open mind, keep things flexible and above all else, fair to your members.

A massive thank you to UoB Lifesaving Club who helped write this document.

Any questions –

A Guide to Hosting an Online AGM


Each year, student groups affiliated to the Students' Union must re-affiliate. This process is run through our Committee Portal.

Re-affiliation is key to ensuring that student groups maintain access to various services that the SU provides including:



Outgoing Presidents are sent an email in April asking for the Student ID of your newly elected incoming President.

The incoming President is then automatically sent an email asking them (or another committee member) to complete a number of tasks including:

  • Complete a short questionnaire about their group
  • Provide the role and Student ID of all the newly elected committee members
  • Confirm the responsibilities that each role has e.g. which role handles room bookings in your group
  • Submit an up to date constitution
  • Submit an up to date risk assessment
  • Provide an equipment list giving details of all equipment worth over £500 (including value and purchase date)
  • Submit a budget (optional)
  • Submit a strategic plan (optional)


Outgoing Treasurers are sent an email in April asking them to sign off on their financial accounts for the past year.

The incoming Treasurer will be sent an email asking them to complete online Treasurer training, which is compulsory for incoming Treasurers.


Happy Handover Guide

Handover Checklist

The Development Team ( are happy to attend and provide advice at handover meetings if this would be helpful for your group.

Key information and advice needs to be passed on to incoming committees to ensure consistency for the running of your group and for your members. This includes outstanding loans, grant records, regular sponsors, advice on how to recruit and retain members, advice on running particular events and strategic plans.

You should also:

  • Publish details of your committee on your web page and social media accounts (preferably with photos and contact details).
  • Destroy any data that you no longer need to hold - see our data protection guidance.
  • Encourage your new committee to attend Committee Fest and to read the guidance on these webpages!