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Academic Representatives Training

As a student rep you are responsible for passing on the opinions and ideas that your students have to the University. Our job is to help you to do this! The skills you can develop through representing students alongside completing your academic studies are ones that you can transfer to your career and future life. 

Basic Training

Repping 101

As a course rep there are a couple of things you should know. This compulsary online training covers all the basics of the role, and is a great introduction to getting you to think about your position. Here is the training (best viewed on Desktop). 

+ Communication Skills Training

Effective communication is the key to being a successful course rep. You will need to communicate with your student body, and with University staff. 

Communication is one of the most fundamental skills that you can develop during your time as a rep. We have run a number of training sessions, you can find the presentations/notes below:

Communicating with confidence:

Being confident in giving your (and your students') views in meetings is key. We ran a session at our last Course Rep Conference about how to develop your confidence, and you can find the presentation and notes here:
Communicating with Confidence Presentation
Communicating with Confidence Notes


Social media training

Social media presentation.

+ Resources for Research Reps

Being a course rep for PGR students can bring with it some different challenges. 

Presentation from the spring course rep conference.

Extra Training

This is stuff that isn’t necessary for your role – however it includes some really interesting and important information. 

+ Blackboard Training

As a Course Rep you will be a leader of your school's Course Rep Space on Blackboard. This is a really useful space that you can use to communicate with your cohort. 

Blackboard has a number of really useful tools that you can take advantage of, such as:

  • Posting announcements
  • Emailing those who are members of the space*
  • Discussion Boards
  • Uploading documents - such as PDFs of minutes, pictures, papers etc
  • Creating surveys
  • Accessing examiner reports

We are currently updating how course rep spaces look, and who has admin rights to them. This means you won't be able to use Blackboard until this work has been completed. IT should be finished by just before the beginning of the next academic year - don't worry, we will let you know when it's happened!


How to use Blackboard

We have created a video of how to do the basics on Blackboard. Start by logging into Blackboard, and clicking on "Your Course Rep Space" for your school, in the "My Organisations" section. 

You can create pages for individual course/year groups, and add in any documents, discussion boards or surveys that you think will be useful for students.


External Examiner Reports on Blackboard

External examining provides a crucial means for maintaining academic standards and is an integral part of the University’s Quality Framework. External examiners offer informed, independent and comparative views of academic standards, of assessment processes and programme structures, and of good practice and innovation. All taught programmes and components require an external examiner so every unit is covered by external scrutiny.

For UG programmes a report is written each year covering a programme or part of a programme by the external, which are due in August. The School are required to send a response to the Examiner on points raised and this is also uploaded so all are public. The responses are due in September.  Note, the reports are covering the programme from the previous academic year. A good time to view these then would be from October onward.

For PG the reports are due in December and responses in January. They are uploaded in February to view. 

You can find the External Examiner reports listed right below the Annual Programme Reviews on the meetings page. 

+ Liberate Your Curriculum Training

+Using Research as a Rep

Our Research and Evaluation Coordinator has written training on how to use research (such as the NSS, YBS, and the Bristol SU research) effectively in your campaigning.

Click here for the training.

All those who complete the training will be eligible for an endorsement for Research on LinkedIn.

Our Development Team also run a number of workshops, and have a range on online training that you are able to use. Find out more here. You can find a calendar of their sessions here