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Welcome to Intramural 6-a-side Football!

6-a-side is a brand new league, and will have both mixed and women's leagues! For teams who love football but can't find 15+ players to commit, this is a perfect option. 

How to take part

There are 4 ways to play: through your halls, through your society, or with your mates OR if you don't have a team, register your interest and we'll find you one

  • Register a team here. Applications for the 2019/20 season close on the 4th of October. 
  • Want to play for a halls team? We've made teams for you already - get in touch with us to find out your team's unique code to sign up!
  • Don't have a team? Register here and we'll try to find you one.

League Info

  • Games are 17:00 - 20:00 every Sunday at at Coombe Dingle's Astro (mixed) and 12:00 - 13:30 (women's).
  • The mixed league plays every week, the women's league has 3 matches per term.
  • The 13th of October is an intro week, where players can meet the organisers and get involved in friendlies
  • The league officially begins on 20th October, with the first season drawing to a close on 15th of December. Games will restart after January exams
  • The cost of entry is £30 for the mixed league - this is just £2.50 per game!
  • Teams must have at least 9 players to be accepted. 


Have any questions? Vist our  FAQ  or Email: or phone: 0117 331 8600