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'Yes' campaign statement

The University is proposing moving from a system where wellbeing and pastoral support is coordinated in each residence for just those students, to one where wellbeing and pastoral support will be managed by a ‘hub’, covering multiple halls of residence. Why should YOU oppose that, and vote YES to the SU opposing it?

Currently... can access help and support within your own hall, which is exclusive to each individual residence.

Under a ‘hub’-based model... and support for students in individual halls will be managed by ‘hubs’ responsible for multiple halls. This will make it difficult for students to establish personal relationships with staff, which is vital when seeking support. When feeling at your most vulnerable, you don’t want to spill your darkest feelings to a stranger, you want to speak to someone you know and trust. Being one of a number in a ‘hub’ cannot provide that.


...Wardens and Deputy Wardens provide more than pastoral care, they serve as heads of the community. They are the foundation of life in each individual hall. They coordinate a variety of events including socials, formal dinners, academic talks, study sessions; as well as bring a wealth of life experience. They are also a mandatory part of hall bar licenses.

Under a ‘hub’-based model...

Currently, pastoral care and hall social life is coordinated in-hall according to hall size. With a ‘hub’ being responsible for the social, pastoral, and academic aspects of multiple halls, the team proposed is simply not big enough, and will not have the experience and knowledge to continue these. Who will officiate at formal dinners? Who will organise summer balls? Who will invite academics? How will hall bars keep existing? Who will oversee and advise JCR Committees?


...Hall teams are responsible for every aspect of their hall. They are supported by RHS and the University as a whole, but they are primarily concerned with the small group of students in the their care.

Under a ‘hub’-based model...

...1 team is responsible for multiple halls. In Stoke Bishop, for example, that means that 1 team will be responsible for 6 halls (over 2,000 students)! Although the team will be slightly larger, the focus will be on the hub as a whole, not on each hall individually, leading to the destruction community identity in each individual hall.

The importance of a strong community is immeasurable. When you first arrive in Bristol, you need to feel that the people around you support you and are there for you. From the second we arrived, pastoral staff from our individual halls were all around us, and they were there just for us. They made our hall, and Bristol, a place where we belong. If a ‘hub’ system is in place, the same people will be there for another few thousand students as well.

This campaign is not because we are desperately clinging on to the past and are terrified of change. This is because we fundamentally believe that a hub-based system will put incoming students in DANGER! Everyone in the current system agrees that it is under pressure, and almost every one of those people agrees that a ‘hub’-based system will not fix the problem, it will worsen it.

Students will be one of a number, no longer part of a community, and we cannot let that happen.


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