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What is Intramural?

Intramural lets you and your friends play weekly matches against other UoB teams inside a big tournament. It's fun, social and semi-competitive. Whilst there is a winner, it's more about getting together with your mates and being active.

Why join?

Low Cost - The programme is run for participation, not for profit - and the savings are passed on to you!
Staying Active - If club sport at uni didn't appeal to you, if you didn't make trials, or if the gym bores you, intramural would be perfect.
Belong to a community - meet and make new friends, and belong to a community with a common interest.
Mental Health - looking after your body helps looks after your mind. Exercising regularly and socialising with intramural can boost your well-being.

How to get involved:

There are 3 ways to play: through your halls (ask your JCR) through your society (ask your committee) or with your mates in a private group. 

Individuals without a team apply HERE (anytime)

Team Applications for TB2 for cricket, football rounders, women's football, hockey and basketball are still open - apply HERE

Please email us to notify you've submitted an application: