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Teaching and Assessment 2020

The University is aware that COVID-19 is likely to impact on all students in different ways. As a result a number of changes are being made to both teaching and assessment for the rest of this academic year. Changes are also being made to the extenuating circumstances procedure, which are explained here.

The University is updating its FAQs on teaching and assessment regularly, so you can get all the up to date information from the website, or if it is specific to your course, from your School.

Many changes are being made to the assessments themselves. For example the amount of assessment will be minimised and the number of timed exams will also be limited. More flexibility will be built into exams to account for things like technical issues, students taking assessments in different time zones, etc.

Alternative Exam Arrangements will still be in place. If you have any queries about this once the details of your assessments are known, contact your School Disability Coordinator.

Changes are also being made to the way the University makes decisions about your progression, year marks or degree classification. They have published a ‘safety net policy’ to ensure you are not disadvantaged.

Your School will be in touch by 4 May 2020 to let you know the arrangements for your particular programme. 

+ Professional Programmes

Students from Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Medicine and the International Foundation Programme (IFP) will receive separate communications from their Schools because they do not come under this over-arching guidance.

+ First year Undergradate students

Your results from your first year are formative only and will not affect your ability to progress. You are expected to make a reasonable attempt at your assessment in the summer term.

+ Non-final year Undergraduate students

If you are unable to take an assessment in June for any reason, you will have a further opportunity in August with no penalty. You will need to achieve an overall pass mark for the year in order to progress. If you do not achieve this, you will be allowed the chance to reattempt units that you’ve failed without penalty during August.

At the end of your degree, the exam board will look at this summer’s marks and only include them if they improve your overall degree classification.

+ Final year Undergraduate students

You will need to achieve an overall pass mark in your final year in order to graduate. If you fail to do this during June you will automatically be allowed another attempt during August with no penalty.

If any of your grades for assessments taken/submitted after 27 March 2020 improve your final mark, they will be included in the calculation of your overall average, but if they don’t they will be disregarded. Your school will tell you the assessments which are included in your ‘safety net’ by 4 May.

+ Postgraduate Taught Students

The University recognises that students on taught postgraduate programmes are likely to be especially impacted by the disruption this year. The steps that are being taken to mitigate the impact are:

  • the format of many assessments will be changed, and you can choose to defer assessments from June to August if you wish.
  • if you don’t pass your assessments in June, you will be allowed another attempt in August with no penalty.
  • you will be allowed to start on your dissertation or project before you have passed the assessment for the taught component.
  • the deadline for dissertations and projects has been extended to 14 September and can be extended further if necessary.
  • if you fail your dissertation or project, you will be allowed to resubmit it without penalty