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If you are not well enough to attempt the exam or timed assessment on the day you can self-certify your absence before the assessment starts. If you do this, your assessment will be rescheduled for the next available opportunity (this is most likely to be during the August reassessment period).

It's important to consider carefully before you self-certify, as having to take assessments in August will mean that you will need to study during the summer break and more time will have elapsed since the teaching took place. If you miss an exam in the reassessment period, you will need to take it in the following academic year. This may delay your graduation or your progression into your next year of study. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I self certify? 

To self-certify you need to let your school office know that you won't be sitting the exam before the start of the exam (this is when the password to open the exam paper is sent out to you).  

After letting your school office know, you will then need to complete the self-certification form that they will provide you with and submit it as soon as you're able to. No supporting evidence is required.  

What if the exam has already started but I can’t attempt or complete it? 

If you start the assessment but are unable to complete it, or if the exam has already started and you know you can’t attempt it at all, you need to tell your school before the exam ends. You then need to fill in an extenuating circumstances form on eVision to explain what happened. For more information about how to complete the form see our Extenuating Circumstances page or contact us for help. If you don’t submit an exam by the deadline, you will normally need to take it again in the reassessment period. 

What happens after I self-certify?

If you self-certify in TB1 or TB2 you will need to wait until the exam boards meet in June/July to hear back about when you will be taking the exam but this would normally be in the August/September assessment period. 

If you self-certify in the August/September assessment period you will hear back about your exam in September or October and would normally take the outstanding exam as part of a supplementary year. 

If a student has repeatedly self-certified the same exam multiple times the University may decide it is not appropriate to offer further attempts. If you are worried about the possibility of this please contact us for more advice.