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Littering, Fly Tipping and Fly Posting

Littering includes relatively minor actions like dropping cigarette butts and disgarding chewing gum, or throwing your kebab wrapper on the floor after a night out. It also includes leaving bin bags on the street outside your home. Bristol City Council take litter very seriously and have launched an anti-litter campaign. You can be issued with an FPN. Failure to pay may lead to prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court, and if found guilty you face a fine of up to £2500.

Fly-tipping is dumping items on the land or highway. It can be as little as leaving two bin bags on the street when it’s not your day for bin collection. It also includes leaving unwanted items (such as the coffee table you don’t really like and the landlord said you could get rid of...) at the end of your road and hoping someone will take it away. Bristol City Council take fly-tipping very seriously. If prosecuted, you face a fine of up to £50,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment.

If you’re putting on a gig, club night or other event, think twice about attaching posters, stickers or other advertisements to public structures (such as buildings, bus stops and streetlights): this is fly-posting. As with fly-tipping, Bristol City Council take this really seriously: you can end up with an FPN, and if you don’t comply with any notice served on you to take the posts down you can end up with a fine in respect of each post. The owner of the pub/club named in the post can also face action from the council – they won’t be best pleased if you get them into this kind of trouble.