A hand stamped with the slogan: stop addiction

If you’re worried about drugs

If you’re worried about the effect of drugs on you or someone close to you, you could:

  • call Drugsline, the national drugs helpline, on 0808 1606 606. It’s free and confidential
  • visit the Bristol Drugs Project website
  • speak to your GP
  • chat to a Just Ask adviser
  • visit the Student Counselling website self help pages on alcohol, drugs and addiction

We would never encourage anyone to do anything illegal. But, if you are going to use drugs, we’d prefer you to know the facts.

There are ways to minimise the short-term risks of taking drugs:

  • understand what you’re taking
  • make sure you’re with people you trust and feel comfortable with
  • don’t mix – avoid “cocktails” of different drugs
  • stay hydrated

You can try to prepare for how a particular drug will affect you by understanding what different drugs do. However, bear in mind that:

  • no recreational drug is ‘pure’ – and you can’t prepare for your reaction to what the drug has been mixed with
  • you can never be 100% of how you’re going to react to a drug
  • mental health issues such as psychosis or depression can be exacerbated or even triggered by drug use

The FRANK website has an A-Z list of drugs and their common effects. It also has real people giving their real opinions of what it’s like to take drugs.

We talk more about the legal implications of doing, or being caught with, drugs here. Don’t forget that the University will take a pretty dim view of you doing anything illegal.